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I’ve been a student before and went through a 12 month+ period of job hunting, interning and travelling. I was indecisive and confused. 

After hiring and managing multiple teams, I believe I am in a great position to support you with your next move. Knowing what role and business is right for you can be hard. Let me help you make the right choice.

Along my journey I have learnt how to work with a variety of people, in different countries, environments and surrounded by different challenges. I am sure there are ways I can support your ways of working and how you tackle your work.

movers & shakers

I wanted to be a film producer, then I started a charity, before finally entering the world of sales and marketing; all before realising that I caught the bug to start-up life. My point is – few know what they want to do after their studies and timing and circumstances can change your path.

If you’re a student or have just left the army – let me help. Ps…. what I’m about to offer you…. is free. (No need to read this back to yourself.)

I take on 4 people a quarter to help them prepare for their next job. Here’s how it works

Time to get to know each other. I want to know one thing and that’s you – what you’re like, what you want and most of all – why. The fire in your belly and reasons for wanting to work plays a key role in your decisions.

We’ll review your CV and focus on what you want to sell about yourself.

Now I know more about you and your CV is ready, let’s discuss some interview techniques, diving into what to ask and why. Remember, interviews are a two way street and you need to question a future employer as much as they’ll question you.

Let’s wrap up by exploring what companies you’re looking to apply for. Can I help with any introductions and do we need to cover any further topics together?

progressing professionals

I’ve sat in board rooms with leadership teams with 50+ years experience, to dealing with off-license owners who don’t know what an app is, so I’ve built up skills to deal with different people, with different ways of working.

Below are areas that I can support you on your journey: 

  • stakeholder management
  • project management
  • commercial strategies
  • managing people and teams
  • enhancing your ways of working
  • being a reliable and consultative second voice to any professional challenge
  • needing a career change
Following an initial dicussion, if you think I am the right person to support you, it’s £149 a session (60mins). If you’re under 25 or are studying, it’s just £49.

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