Success Is Sweet, But The secret

is sweat

Bringing ideas to life and making things happen is what’s exciting. Let’s do it together.


I’m Harry, founder of Elev8 and myself and the team have had an incredibly exciting career to date. 

Having worked for large corporates, SMEs and businesses that have scaled from 30 to 2000 in no time at all, I’d love to share our experiences with you.

Specialising in consulting and mentoring, with amples of experience in operations (q-commerce) and commercial strategy, I can support you scale fast and smart.

Let’s speak and see what we can do together. 



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Chief Revenue Officer at Snap-It, a materials delivery business for plumbers, winning an award for merchant innovation


Through covid, led the sales and account management team at heycar, taking the business into a new era of commercialising its services


Launched FMCG, alcohol and grocery platforms, partnering with retailers like Booker and blue chip brands such as Unilever and Heineken

Sky bingo

Secured a first job at Sky, in the Sky Bingo team, working with researches and producers, whilst gaining similar experiences with the Sky Movies team


In 3 years at Deliveroo I launched its restaurant offering across 3 continents, in Australia, the UAE and UK and Ireland

Charity work

Launched a charity in Kenya and South Africa, supporting 500+ children through sport and education


Founded HOU, Europe's first sweet houmous brand, featuring in Budgens and Selfridges

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Worked in the production team on James Bond's Quantum of Solace, supporting the producers


Consulted the Uber Direct team with their operational and commercial efforts to expand into new verticals.

climbed Kilimanjaro

Raised 5k and successfully climbed Kilimanjaro

Sky bingo

Kicked off my career at Sky, in the Sky Bingo team

visited 53 countries

A keen traveller, having visited 53 countries (so far!)


Partnered with large retailers, such as Booker and Spar and blue chip brands like Unilever and Heineken to expand Deliveroo's offering

kind words from people I've worked with


Whether you’re looking to kick start your career, are on the hunt for a great opportunity or need help with any professional challenges, let us guide you on your journey.


We love to make things happen. We’re passionate about turning something small into something big and solving problems. Let’s do it together.


Hiring can be time consuming, hard and very expensive. We’ve got a big network and lots of strong relationships so we may be able to help you fill your vacancies.