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Why Mindset Trumps Talent

mindset and talent

I have worked with some smart cookies, much smarter than myself but they often wouldn’t succeed like they could have. The why is simple. They didn’t work hard enough, they didn’t think ‘what more can I do’ or ‘how can I help the team’. It was very much an approach to work of – they’ll tick their boxes and go home. Those boxes may be completed well but the progress and ambition would stop there, which to me was a shame as I knew they had so much more to give, 

I picked this up early in my career and it resulted in me always telling myself that I need to think outside the box, to keep trying to do more and to go the extra mile. 

Whilst reading, I came across the quote of ‘I can is 100x more important than IQ’ by Max Lucado. This statement of attitude is far more important than an exam grade, resulted in me exploring the below points on why it is more important to have a strong mindset than talent. 

Resilience in the Face of Challenges 💪🏽

Talent might open doors, but the right mindset keeps them open. Life is filled with challenges and those with a growth mindset see these hurdles as opportunities for learning and development. When faced with adversity, individuals with the right mindset reflect, act and grow stronger. Their resilience allows them to navigate through obstacles with a positive outlook, turning setbacks into stepping stones.

Long-Term Goal Achievement 🏆

Talent might offer a head start, but achieving long-term goals requires consistent effort, dedication. Individuals with the right mindset are more likely to set ambitious goals, break them down into manageable steps, and persistently work towards them. This goal-oriented approach ensures a focus on the journey rather than just the destination, leading to a more fulfilling and sustainable path to success.

Defining Your “Why” and Drive 🎯

Talent often provides the “what” – re the skills set one possesses. However, the right mindset goes deeper into the “why” and the drive behind one’s actions. Understanding the purpose and passion that fuels your mission is essential for long-term success. A strong “why” not only acts as a source of motivation but also helps individuals navigate challenges with a sense of purpose. While talent may be the engine, the right mindset is the fuel that propels us forward, ensuring a fire in the belly to pursue our goals. 

Risk-Taking and Innovation 💾

While talent may provide a solid foundation to operate from, the right mindset encourages risk-taking and innovation. Individuals who embrace risks and think creatively often push boundaries and drive progress. This mindset fosters a culture of innovation, enabling individuals to explore new ideas, methods, and solutions. While talent might excel in established processes, the right mindset encourages individuals to question the status quo and drive positive change. 

Selflessness to support others 🫂

If progressing into senior roles, there’s going to be an element of responsibility you’ll have to undertake for others and the wider business. It can be easy to provide one a list of actions and expectations for them to succeed but that often won’t be the magic wand for success. To really engage with people you have to get to know them on a deeper level and go the extra mile for them. Not only will that support your business, but most of all your peers, who will continue to strive under your leadership and see tangible, positive changes in their development.

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