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Don’t dodge your mistakes – learn from them


Life’s journey is a rollercoaster, full of unexpected twists, turns, and, of course, mistakes. We’re only human and we can’t dodge mistakes – nobody is perfect so we just need to ensure we learn along the way. Here’s what I think you need to do as you learn from your mistakes and to support you moving forward. 

The marvelous mix-up of expectations and reality

Ever planned the perfect day in your head only to realize reality had a completely different script? AKA…. you get pumped for a day out to the country and the M1 Junction 12 is pulled to a halt and 5hr delay. My point is, you need to manage your own expectations as business life is as unpredictable if not more so than life itself. There are so many factors that will result in your success or learnings, of which may not be in your control. Start up life isn’t glamorous and easy, so don’t get drawn in by a unicorn story. Corporate life can be brutal – they can embrace you and spit you back out quicker than you can send an email. 

Embracing Imperfection

Perfection is overrated and life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Ditch the pursuit of flawlessness and embrace the journey of imperfection. Who knows, the next mishap may just influence you like you never would have expected. As people, we’re not perfect, so you can’t expect to be in business. Even the most successful businesses aren’t perfect, so don’t beat yourself up when you haven’t achieved your goals – learn from it.

Navigating the maze of miscommunication

Communication is tricky. Why? Because everyone is different and we all digest information, tones, words and languages in different ways. That’s what makes us all unique. Learning from communication blunders should  involve a hearty laugh, a dash of humility and the willingness to own the error. 

The comedy of trial and error

Life is an experiment and trial and error are our key ingredients to day to day life. . Each error should be a badge of honor, a symbol that you’re daring to venture into the unknown. It is impossible to learn anything without trying. If you don’t laugh about it, trust me you’ll wallow and lose time and energy on the negatives, so get up – kick that dirt off your shoulder – and get on with it, with a smile.

The power of resilience

Resilience is the foundation to growth, as we’re all going to need it at some point. When faced with setbacks, the ability to bounce back and adapt is a testament to one’s resilience. It involves a serious commitment to rising above challenges, coupled by the understanding that adversity is part of the experience. By cultivating resilience, we not only weather the storms of life but are also better prepared for what lies ahead, making what may have seemed like the next big challenge, just be a walk in the park.

Get some feedback

You may think you’re the best to dissect your own mistake but I bet a neutral or cold eye could help you more. You must have been dealing with someone during your saga, so ask them what you could have done better. Don’t always think you have the answer as you never will, so listen and learn from others about how you can do better next time.

Examine the details

It is imperative to conduct a thorough examination of your challenge. What were the contributing factors? What decisions led to the error? How can you avoid them moving forward? What was in and out of your control? Acknowledging and understand the intricate details of every move you make, to ensure you know how to act next time.

Life and business literally is a box of chocolates. You never know what’s coming next. Embracing the light-hearted side of our mishaps is not just therapeutic; it’s the secret sauce to a life well-lived. Listen and learn from the challenges – we all make them and we’re going to make them because it’s impossible not to. 

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